How exercise affects your work

How exercise affects your work

Exercising and staying fit not only helps you lead a healthy life but also helps improves your work life in terms of productivity and concentration. A research conducted by scientists has proved that people exercising daily are happier, suffer less stress and are more productive. 

Exercising has proved to make people mood improve when they exercise compared to non-exercise days. A paper published by International Journal Of Workplace Health Management proved that exercising during work hours showed mental and physical benefits. It is proved that mental power is directly linked to our physical condition. To prove this, let’s look at some cognitive benefits which are a result of exercising regularly: 

•    Sharp Memory
•    Low Stress
•    Drastic Improvement in Concentration
•    Prolonged Mental Stamina
•    Experience less stress
•    Enhanced Creativity

A study held by researches comprising over 200 employees of different companies who were made to report their performance on a daily basis. The research showed them that the employees who visited the gym before work were reported to have managed their time more effectively, they had smoother interactions with colleagues and their productivity level was higher. Most of them reported having gone home being satisfied. 

Prevent Illness: Exercising regularly by doing workouts like running, weight lifting, walking, running reduces the risk of falling sick which in turn means reduced sick leaves. When your immunity improves, chances of getting the common cold or influenza are very less. Working out not only helps increase your work productivity but also reduces the chances of developing type 2 diabetes, heart diseases, blood pressure and obesity.