Tricks to Make Your Belly Flat

Tricks to Make Your Belly Flat

Many women feel bloated at some point of life. This can become a recurring problem that can cause discomfort and embarrassment. To reduce bloating, you can follow some of the tips given below.
Consult your GP
Water retention and poor digestion can cause bloating. If you suffer from chronic bloating, you should visit your GP to discuss some symptoms and make all the causes known. Bloating can cause some diseases like IBS or celiac disease and it needs medication.

Keep food diary
If you get frequently bloat after meals, this means that you are suffering from intolerance against food. You should note whatever you eat and identify how it is linked.

Take probiotic
A healthy gut is filled with good bacteria and it helps in breaking down of food and prevents overgrowth of yeast. Due to stress and medicines, the level of bacteria may also get low. This may affect digestion that may ultimately lead to bloating. To make this correct, you can have probiotic supplements.

Stay hydrated
You can improve your condition by simply staying hydrated. This will improve your digestion and avoid constipation.

Avoid gas-inducing foods
Consumption of excess gaseous food like cabbage, beans, sprouts, etc can make you bloat. Also, avoid having fermented products like cheese and alcohol that can lead to bloating.

Concentrate on what you are eating
If you want to reduce bloating, you should not talk while eating. Eating food fast can make you to swallow air that may lead to formation of excess gas. Also, it is advisable to eat less but frequently.